"Dr. Dempsey is the Best! She is an expert in Invisalign and knows the latest technology available. Both my son and daughter are using Invisalign with outstanding results. The front office/reception area is warm and welcoming and very comfortable with TV, coffee bar, and great reading material for waiting patients. Dr. Dempsey and her staff always take the time to expain the status of my kids ortho plan at every visit. I'd highly recommend Dempsey Orthodontics to anyone on the North side of Atlanta!"

"I put off getting braces until two years ago. I had an over-bite and my lower, front teeth were very crowded. I chose Invisalign. Yesterday, I had the appliances taken off. My teeth look straight, and great! I am so happy. Dr. Dempsey is an Awesome Orthodontist! She is so nice, personal, and professional!"

"This is hands down the best orthodontist in Gwinnett! They are kind, friendly, considerate and with excellent value. I take all of my children here and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an orthodontist. My kids love going to see the orthodontist and they are very comprehensive in their explanation of what is the best treatment for each child."

"Both of my girls go here and you couldn't find a better group of people. Dr. Dempsey is the sweetest and truly cares and takes time to explain everything that is happening to you and your child. So glad we came here. Wish I had known about them when my son had braces."

"Everytime I would walk through the doors at this office it was like walking into a different world. Everyone makes you feel like you're the only person on the planet- smiling faces greeting you, to step-by-step of what they would like to do. I felt so comfortable. I didn't even realize that there was this dramatic change, not only in my smile, but in my heart. This was like Walt Disney to me. A whole new world!"

"Absolutely awesome! Dr Dempsey and her staff are amazing! They are very friendly and treat us like family. My daughter has had a great experience with getting braces and I highly recommend her."

"'Thank you' just doesn't seem like enough to say to someone who has changed your life. That's what you've done for me- by giving me a smile to be proud of. Most of my life I've been embarassed to 'smile big' because of all I saw in the results was my crooked teeth. No longer! I 'smile big' now and will for the rest of my life- all to your credit! Thank you and your wonderful staff for making my long journey so rewarding! Smiling forever!"

"It has been many years since any of my family has been to your office for care, although for the years they they (we) did come it was great! You and your office are great with kids with Asperger's. [My son] is now 22 years old and doing very well in his 4th year of college, but you helped him through the difficult years of braces. I read many forums of parents that have children with Asperger's and they are always asking about orthodontists that can take care of their kids for braces. I always respond with you! It would be nice if when people google orthodontists that care and treat special needs children your name would be mentioned."

"Thanks so much for the 'Prettiest Smile'. I just love it"

"You have been so generous to us and so very kind, and we all appreciate you more than we could ever express. Thank you so much for the amazing care... and for surrounding yourself (and therefore us) with such a special staff" 

"I'm so glad I went to you guys to get my teeth fixed. I absolutely love my new smile! Y'all are awesome!"

"I want to express my sincere appreciation for your excellent care of my grand-daughter. She really listened to your instructions about home care"

"You all have been so kind, sincere, friendly, fun, and wonderful to our family. It is important to take a minute and let you all know that each of you is a shining example of light and love... You all are a top notch group of caring professionals who make us feel blessed to know you! In today's world, it is especially nice to be around people who make your day and you all certainly do that! Keep up the most excellent work! We are thankful to get to see you."

 "You can't imagine the thrill of realization I feel each morning when I wake up, feel the braces on my teeth, and know this isn't just some dream!! Or when I smile at my reflection and see my smile more beautiful by the day! My life is changing millimeter by millimeter, and I have you all to thank for it!"

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